Home On The Range

Fanny Nannie 1 Well hello there everyone.  I hope you are enjoying this Tuesday morning.  It’s an awesome day where I live. A great day for the Pope to arrive. Yep, he will be here for 3 whole days, which means traffic will be a hot mess with all the street closures taking place. I assume people will be coming from near and far. But guess what…..I will be staying home. I hate large crowds. There is a big agenda planned for downtown and all around. The only way I will see him if not on TV IS if his motorcade comes down my street……not happening, but pretty darn close though. This is just like the time when the Queen from England came for a visit. Who remembers that? My kids were in elementary school, that’s how long that been. Humm, has she been back since? Just wondering. Now with all that being said……where am I? 😉 As if you don’t. Know by now. No hints.

A couple of days ago, I discovered something else that I enjoy doing besides writing,  creating books and being a detective while playing Criminal Case.This is my new pastime addiction that I discovered with my iPad. I am another Vangough. I hope I spelled that name right. Anyway, let me try and show off another artistic side of myself. I hope you like.

Well as it turned out, I had to take anther route to upload my art because it was not cooperating on this birthday present of mine.  Just something else for me to figure out with this electronic stuff. But, like always I got around that glitch, and just made another post. It is good to go.



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