My Favorite Month

September-2015-Calendar-Template-Pdf-1 September, my favorite month of the year. Wanna know why? Because my birthday is coming, it’s right around the corner, which means I am a Virgo. So mark this favorite date of mine….September 8th. September is good because today is also my mother’s birthday; September 1, she is celebrating in Heaven. My daughter’s birthday is tomorrow. She was an early birthday present 30 something years ago..How about that?

Wouldn’t you like to help this author celebrate her birthday? This is how you can do it. Just pick up a couple of my children and teen ebooks for $2.99, the novels are $3.99 @, if any of your readers are Virgo babies or happen to share the same birthdate as mine, September 8th; what a lovely gift it would make reading a book by Author Winona Rasheed. They are so very affordable. Even the paperbacks are not expensive. If your child shares the same birthdate as mine, I will post a birthday greeting to them if you tell me their names. Let’s see how many September 8th birthday babies are out there so I can give a shout out to them on my websites.

This is what I have available on Just click on the link and everything will pop up.

Author Winona Rasheed

I love being an author because I love what I do.

Remember September 8th. Give a shout out.


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