You are Invited to my Author Cookout Celebration


Fanny Nannie 1 Okay everyone. I am having an author celebration in cyberspace right now. It’s a cyberspace cookout as I celebrate my books being accepted to the Apple iTunes store. I’m preparing all the food with my own two little hands. There’s room for everybody. However, you must bring your own drinks. (I can’t do everything you know.) So lets kick up our heels wherever you are and join me and my book celebration. You must follow this blog to participate. If you own any of my books for children and teens, lets talk about them. We can even talk about writing and publishing. If you have questions…present them at the cookout celebration. Let’s get some feedback showing up here while you enjoy all this food that I cooked.

Enjoy yourselves, have fun and let’s make all this food disappear. Don’t forget to check out my books on Amazon, Barnes & Noble…

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