Weekend Update


Well, tonight I am not going to be talking about books, publishing, or anything along those lines. Instead, it’s going to be a tad bit different. At least the information that I am blogging about will be different….but still wholesome news to share with you.

I am so excited. Want to know why? Let me tell you…….

kitty 1

All 4 kitties eyes are open! I am so excited. I was waiting for this to happen, thinking it might not happen for another week. The itty bitty grey one opened their eyes first, done it yesterday. They are getting bigger and more fluffier looking, looking more like kittens. I want to pick them up, but I will just have to control myself and not do it. I’m anxious to find out which are male and female so I can give them names….cute names. So, do you want to help me name the…

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