Mommy-Girl Coffee

coffee 3 Shame, shame, shame. This is the cat that had us on a scavenger hunt this morning, looking for her kitties that she had hidden away. Coffee doesn’t know it, but the things that she does and the reactions from we pet grandparents is going to make me write another story about this cat who got it’s new home with us. Coffee is throwing ideas out there and they are landing in my head. So don’t be surprised if something starts brewing. 🙂 Hey, something already did. We are about to play…Name that Kitty Game. And how did you like the mini story this morning?

Like I said earlier, Coffee is a new mommy with 4 kittens. We don’t know what sex they are yet because we haven’t handled them. They are a week old today and their eyes are still closed. I will be so glad when they wake up, get frisky and GET A NAME.

                                              NAME THAT CAT

As soon as they open their eyes and start running around looking all cute, we will have to give them names. So here’s what I would like for you to do. Throw me out some cute names for male and female kittens. Join in the fun of naming these itty bitty kitties for Coffee and Me. Later, I will let you know which names we keep & who thought of it.  Now doesn’t this sound like fun? You get to participate in naming these cats. So get ready, I want to see some unique cute names.

Kitties a week old


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