Kitty Scavenger Hunt Part 2

Kitty Story Part 2 Continues


gray-cat-sitting-15954657So the story continues. I hope you are enjoying this little read. I hope you are also wondering where the kitties are too.

We continued to look everywhere for Coffee’s babies. We even looked under our bed, empty! Nothing there but dust bunnies. And then we heard them! Tiny little meows. Those were the stressful meows of kittens looking for their mommy with their eyes closed.They were in our bedroom somewhere. At first, we thought they were in the closet…not there. As it turned out, after moving my shelf of shoes and after looking beneath my what-not cabinet….there they were, all four of them. Out of sight from everyone. Tucked away, laying next to the radiator which is hidden by my what-not shelf. Coffee found herself a good hide a way hotel for her and those kitties in our bedroom. I’m so glad she didn’t put them in my closet…

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