Kitty Scavenger Hunt-Part 1

Kitty Scavenger Hunt…..

Kitties a week old
Monday morning, and we were up bright and early…like 6am. Hubby was up first and then I jumped up moments later after hearing him asking mommy girl Coffee, where her kittens were. I could not believe it, the itty bitty kitties were not in the box or the room. All four of them gone. We started looking everywhere for them, high and low, here and there and everywhere. Needless to say, we were in a panic mode, especially me. Coffee moved her babies in the middle of the night. I couldn’t understand it, why would she do that? I think it is because my hubby left the box uncovered all night when we went to bed, after checking on them. I think Coffee the mother cat didn’t think this was too safe for some reason. Or maybe she just wanted to move. All I know is that it scared the beegeebies out of us as we scrambled around looking for them. You should have seen the puzzled & alarmed looks on our faces. Coffee followed us around the house, looking at us as if to say…”What are you doing? Why are you looking like that? Are you looking for my babies? Well, I’m not going to tell you.” She did not lead us to them either.
At 6:15, hubby was on the computer Googling information on why a mother cat would move and hide her kittens. Found out a lot of reasons, and the simple fact that the box was not covered, giving privacy, security and darkness could have been the culprit. I even cleaned out the box, putting fresh bedding into it…just in case that was the problem.
All this, and Coffee still wasn’t telling or showing us anything. We thought she was mad at us for some reason. In her cat mind, she was probably laughing her head off at us…..silly cat; But we love her and those itty bitty kitties.
I couldn’t even have a cup of coffee until we find the where abouts of mommy girl Coffee’s kittens. And she wasn’t giving any hints of where they were.
Now doesn’t this story sound interesting, intriguing enough to continue, because it’s not over until we find them? There’s more, but if you want to find out….you will have to read the blog, because part 2 will continue there…it is now 6:45 and no kitties yet.


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