What’s Going On?


whats going on I am up and ready to get started because my morning coffee has kicked in. I am energized and feeling super creative, which means a lot of changes will be taking place today in Sugarberry World…changing from a straight blog to a website with pages to click on. Sounds interesting enough, doesn’t it? I’m gamed for it, are you? So hopefully, if I don’t run into any snags and wrinkles you will see the new look of Sugarberry World by the end of the day. Now that sounds good to me….Indie Author Winona Rasheed. I love what I do! Every little spectrum of it; from blogging, writing, creating books, promoting and creating websites. I want to make Sugarberry World stand out and get noticed.

So have a great day, to those reading this and following me. I hope you enjoy what you see when it is all done….now let me…

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