Kitty Kat Business

gray-cat-sitting-15954657 Okay, this is an odd post by me today, but that is because our cat is acting strange today. I think she is about to have her kittens, or close to it; if not today, tonight or tomorrow….I think. She is more vocal than usual and she doesn’t want to eat or be outside. As a matter of fact, she is following the Mr. all around the house like she is his shadow.

Mr. is driving me nuts with this cat business too; he is like a mother hen with our cat Coffee. The only way the cat will stay in the “birthing box” that we created is if Mr. is laying down on the futon where she can see him. He leave out the room, she will soon follow, looking for him. He then tells  me it is my turn to stay with the cat in there while she goes through the process….if that’s what is going on.

Mr. laid down to take a nap on the bed, up jumps Coffee to lay down beside him. I tell you, it is crazy. She probably will not have anything to do with him once her kittens get here.

Anyway, I figured this is a good post to promote my book, “My Happy New Home”, a story that is based on our big cat…Coffee. Have you read this book yet? It is amazing.

Happy Home Kindle Amazon


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