Winona Rasheed

Catherine Burr

I’ve posted a few re-blogs from my talented and beloved children’s author Winona Rasheed. I’m super proud to call this talented author, friend. Many moons ago, she came to New Line Press, eager and willing to dive in. It became very clear, early one that she is truly one of the most creative persons I know. I started NLP over 11 years ago and eventually when I went in a different direction with NLP and myself, she spread her wings and started Sugarberry Books. With her creativity she has something like 14 books, which she has authored.

It’s funny, I sat down to write this blog post to give an update of myself, but instead ending up writing about Winona! I hope you check out her books, they are for children and teens. She’s an author on the ball and with Sugarberry Books. If you just Google search Winona Rasheed

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