Thoughts Turning into Words


little girl blogging 5

Yesterday I was just sitting and thinking, since everything I had planned to do was accomplished. What’s better than sitting around twiddling your fingers….I would say thinking is better, because my thoughts turned into written words, right out of the blue. And my words are turning into a story.

Yep, I started working on something new in children books. I think I have a page and a half written…handwritten that is; on my yellow tablet, where all the life of my books begin. This time, I was sitting down in my kitchen when this cute little African American girl character started talking to me and telling me her problem. She wanted me to write her story, so that’s what I am working on. When characters come forth and you begin to see their image in your head, as a writer…you must comply, or be slapped with a wet noodle. (giggle…

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