Keeping You Updated


Now that I know what I am doing in getting these books ready for the iTune store, things are going much smoother, especially since I know what to expect and knowing how the process works makes this less stressful.

So with that said, guess what I did…finish loading up the rest of my books. To make sure I followed the guidelines to a tee, I had to go resize cover images. I found a very useful link online to get that accomplished and it works like a champ, giving me exactly what I wanted. Another part of this project including turning my interior files into epub files… Check, got it done! To make sure those files were right, I even double checked them by sending them through a validation check and they all came back as clear of any issues. All 14 books in good standing. This made my day. I am half way there. However, 2 books have already been submitted to iTunes. The rest of the books, considering that I did the bulk of them today are in the Quality Control stage, since they passed the “ready for distribution”. This is how it works, the stages you have to pass, Ready for distribution, quality control and then you get the “submitted” notice…which means; iTines, here I come!

Is this worth all the trouble? You bet it is…at least it is to me because I love what I do. Nothing wrong with hard work when it is going somewhere. There’s a purpose behind all of this, getting more people to notice my book for children, teens and adults.

If you are a writer/author like me, you might one day find these links useful when you are thinking about selling books on iTunes. I guess you can say I took a short cut in getting there since I am registered with, because they are making this iTunes thing possible. But, you are also going to need these helpful links to get on the road to iTunes when you are with Omnilit.  (for sizing images) (to Validate your epub files)

Atlantis Word Processor- (to create epub files)

Then sit back and be patient while your book goes through the process. Hey, you can start working on something else while you wait. Since I am waiting, I guess I will go out in the kitchen and finish my dinner…I have chicken to fry.


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