Hip Hip Horray Sunday

Guess what I just found out, two of my books are headed on over to the Apple iTune store for distribution. They made it!, they passed the review and are in tip top shape. Looks like I was worried for nothing. This means, more options for potential buyers.  The books that were accepted are the same books that I’ve been talking about for days. Now don’t tell me you don’t remember which ones I’m talking about. Okay, I will tell you….better yet, I will show you.

Nyrobi_Cover_for_Kindle  Magic of Soda Pop Amazon paperback  This is just the beginning, because I happen to have 3 more in the quality control review that I did today. I hope they are just as lucky. I tell you, this is what makes an author happy. It’s like winning big in the lottery, or winning a sweepstake deal, or signing a contract for a big book deal and getting paid upfront. It’s Christmas in April for me and my books. I hope they get the exposure that they deserve. Come on readers, check out the Apple iTunes store in a few days and get your hands on these two electronic books. Now your kiddies can read these on a Kindle, a Nook, iTunes. Humm, what do iTunes call there books, iBooks, of course.. Oh and of course, these two wonderful books are available on Omnilit.com too. Under children books. I am smiling. Now I know what to expect.


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