A Taste of Sugarberry


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I am in the midst of updating around here. I guess you can say I’m doing a little spring cleaning and brightening up the place on my Sugarberry book page. I am in that kind of mood since I am waiting for things to complete so that a couple of my books can transfer on over to the iTunes store. That’s the project that I am working on. Being a writer/publisher takes a lot of patience and dedication and a lot of promoting.

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You might be asking yourself what is Sugarberry, because it sounds like an ice cream flavor or a name of a plant. Well, in my world, it is neither. It is the name of my books. Sugarberry is all me, the Indie author.

Featured Image -- 915 This is my little logo…for now. It could be changing in the near future because I am always changing things, especially when the…

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