Here’s An Update for You

Update  Just keeping you informed on how this iTunes thing is going. I started off this morning getting situated with Atlantis Word Processor….again. Getting all reacquainted with it . I had this program before, but somehow lost it between new computers. But it is back with me again, and I am glad. Want to know why? This word processor allows me to save my documents as epub files. This is what I was trying to make yesterday, which is a requirement for electronic books for Apple iTunes. So I got busy and did the first book for iTunes, “The Magic of Soda Pop.” My word document converted over to an epub file. I took that file through the Epup Validator, that they recommended to see if there were errors. Halleluiah, there were none! the file is good to go. Bless my heart. I am grinning over here and clapping my hands for what I think is success.

So now, everything is uploaded and it seems to be in good standings, because the last message I received from the distributor talking about errors was yesterday, 4-20-15. But as of today, and if I understand what is really going on, the book will be distributed to iTunes within 24 hours or less, because beside the title it is noted “Ready for Distribution” in red letters and on the iTunes title page and my publisher page.  Now that sounds good enough doesn’t it? Sounds like a done deal. By this time tomorrow, Soda Pop should have galloped on over to the iTunes store. However, I am keeping my fingers crossed because I don’t want no more issues popping up at the last minute. If this goes well, I can proceed to the next book. It should go much better since I can now make my epub files without a hassle, thanks to the Atlantis Word Processor.

Like I said before, this is a learning process for me. This also goes to show that there is more to writing and becoming an author than what you think, especially when you are an indie like me…….WORD UP!


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