My iTunes Blues

thinking woman 3  Monday morning and the wheels that were spinning around in my head has suddenly stopped. I was about to push forward with this book thing, continuing on over to iTunes to get my titles there; after all, everyone is into electronic devices these days. Read anything, anywhere.

As it is turning out, getting my titles distributed to this particular spot isn’t going to be a snap. After reading all the guidelines and how toos, it’s like creating a brand new book from scratch.

I just read a 42 page instruction how-to booklet on the subject matter and it blew my mind. Changing already done files into epub files and then creating different covers to match their jpeg requirements of 1400 widex2100 tall. To me, that’s a lot of work to make another ebook go live for pennies on a dollar. Plus, I don’t know what I am doing, which will make the task even more difficult and time consuming. This project does not sound like it will be a piece of cake. One thing for sure, if I decide to tackle this, I will be working on one title at a time until all 14 books are in the iTunes library. 14 titles might take 14 months to complete. LOL, they will be ready for 2016. So wish me luck on this adventure…..if I decide to do it. Do you think I will tackle this job? Which title do you think I might work on first? Which one would you like to see on iTunes first? You might want to follow me to see how this is going because I will be giving updates….once I get started. Follow my journey and take notes.

Meantime, all you book lovers out there will just have to be satisfied purchasing my electronic books for children, tweens and others  by way of Kindle, Nook, and Omnilit, which I think is a very good idea. At least you have  3 options….until the 4th comes into play.


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