Keeping My Fingers Crossed


Okay, here’s an update on my iTunes journey and my book travels. I spent all afternoon studying and figuring this and that all out. I even managed to change the sizes of 6 books in my attempt of getting them ready for the iTunes journey. This means I have 8 more to change.

I managed, after a few stumbling blocks to get one book ready for the Apple store, which is being distributed through allromance/omnilit. My new 1400 wide x2100 tall cover image submitted along with the epub file. I had to convert the pdf file for that. I ended up downloading Calibre to my computer, thinking that’s how I will do my file conversions. However, that was a tad bit confusing. So I ended up using an online-file converter site, which proved to be easier. At least the file seems to working.

Anyway, I went ahead and uploaded these two new files to my Omnilit book page, and lo and behold, right by my title that I was working on it says……ready for distribution to iTunes. Before, that iTunes category had nothing in it. It even gives the date that the book is showing as ready for distribution, which is today, April 20th. So far, so good wouldn’t you say?

Well, not so fast, because it will take 24 hours or so for the book to hop on over to iTunes, after they review everything, so I am keeping my fingers crossed that they give me the green light. If they do……I will proceed to the next title and get it ready.

So, how do you like this update, are you following and keeping up with me.

See what you have to do when you become a digital author?


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