All Aboard Young Readers!

train-308471_640 pixabayAll aboard the Sugarberry Cyberspace Train and lets take a virtual book ride. Only kids who love to read are allowed on this train. Destination…wherever you want to go. The only requirement….you must have an imagination when you ride this rail and you must be back by midnight, or you will turn into a frog say conductor, Author Winona Rasheed.

On this Sugarberry train are plenty of book titles to choose from, you must pick one. However, the more titles you read, the further you can go on your virtual train ride, because reading is what makes this train run on its tracks, going here and there and just everywhere that you can imagine.

So, are you ready to take a trip to Wonderland? Maybe you want to go to Animalville or stop to see an automobile race. Whatever your fancy, you can visit these places when you read a Sugarberry book on the Sugaberry Cyberspace Train.

We will be leaving the station in a few minutes; so hurry, grab a title,take a seat and lets read. Lets make this train move! First stop….Amazon and Barnes & Noble online book store to pick up reading supplies. Enjoy your ride! Enjoy your book!

Spring Where are you Kindle Amzon  Kumani ebook on Amazon  Happy Home Kindle AmazonJelly-Beanz B&N  Talez with Tails print cover for amazon More Readz for me print for amazon The Race is on Print cover for Amazon  Ragdoll talez print cover for Amazon Nyrobi_Cover_for_Kindle

Images courtesy of Pixabay free images.

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