So Excited!

horse-613420_1280 ranch house and horse good cover Well, I guess I will be talking about this all day because I can’t help it, I have to show how excited I am about my new book. My creative juices flowed and I finished book number 1 about this magnificent horse named Soda Pop. As soon as I found this picture, my heart skipped a beat and it helped me finish the story I was working on. It was the perfect motivation piece that I needed to start working on the book again because I left it just lying around waiting for inspiration to hit again. It’s feels so good to see the book released and on Amazon. In my head, I am already working on details for a follow up book. Yes, there has to be a follow up with the characters in “The Magic of Soda Pop”. There’s more hoopla to take place around Green Acres Ranch and the rodeo circuit staring Nathan Ali Turner. I hope you let me know how well you like this book by leaving a little Amazon review of it. Your review helps pass the word around. By the way, this book is making it’s debut in Europe too. Can you believe that, Soda Pop in the UK! This horse gets around! Lets keep him going.


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