Saddle Up! Get Ready for Soda Pop!


Saddle up boys and girls and get ready for a new book that will be coming soon. If you like horses and being a cowboy, this book is for you. Of course, you do not have to be male to read this middle grade book, it’s for girl’s too, because they too have to deal with issues such as being bullied and standing your ground when someone is against you just because you look different on the outside.

In this book, you will meet a charming horse name Soda Pop. Don’t you like that name for a horse? Have you ridden a horse before? In this book, one of the characters gets a chance to ride a real horse for the very first time. Another character has a thing for rodeo competitions. However, these two characters aren’t friends, as a matter of fact….they quarrel and bicker quite a bit as one bullies the other on a daily basis, which makes school life miserable.

I am thinking that once this book goes live, you will want to hurry and add this to your book collection because you will enjoy the storyline and you will like the characters because they are real, someone you can relate to and understand. Oh, one more thing, Vanessa has taught Rain Drop how to count. Who or what is Rain Drop? Well, you will have to read the book to find out. There’s a lot going on between the pages of this book…..I know, because I created it. 🙂

8i6o8g6XT   boy101  cowboy-horse-rider-clipart


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