Books 4 Young Adults

Looking for some great reading in young adult material,? I got them too, 2 novels to get a grip on. Like all of my books that I have blogged about today, the books come in two versions, paperbacks and eBooks or Nook-books. Take your pick. I personally prefer the paperbacks myself because I like feeling the pages between my fingers. Weird huh? Oh well, plus they look good on my bookshelf. Oh, I almost forgot, there’s another one too, though it is not a novel, but it is good reading, full of inspiration.

The novels I am referring to are the Ella Rose Saga books. Do you remember me talking about them? Well they have a new look too, Curb appeal in books. Let me show you.

Broken Voice print book on amazon Yeah!  When Silence is Not Golden Createspace BookCoverImage  Frankly Speaking B&N

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