The Spring Look In Paperback Books

springtime 6 In 2 more days, guess what….spring will be here. I am seriously shouting WHOOPEE!. It has been a long time coming and I am so ready for it. Springtime brings about new beginnings and fresh new looks begin to sprout up, making their debut.

Spring has come to Sugarberry Books too.  2 New titles are coming and new covers have been created, adding a fresh new look for the season. I am about to show them off because for me, it’s exciting. What’s live on Amazon this coming spring? Take a look! Buy a paperback book! Great reading for all ages.

 When Silence is Not Golden Createspace BookCoverImageKumani print cover for amazon  Broken Voice print book on amazon Yeah!

AlongcameJelly-Beanz createspace BookCoverImageSpring where are you Createspace.BookCoverImageMy Happy New Home CreateSpace BookCoverImage

Talez with Tails print cover for amazon The Race is on Print cover for Amazon More Readz for me print for amazon


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