Book Arrival, Oh Yeah!

Not too long ago, I ordered my copies of the updated books I did. I must say, I am loving how the paperback books came out. They look so awesome. I know children and young adult readers will enjoy turning the real pages of these print books. I am quite happy with the results. I have two more packages coming in and can’t wait to show them off. But, I can show you what arrived today. So here is a sneak preview of what will be on Amazon and Barnes & Noble pretty soon. As a matter of fact, some of these paperback books are already live at these online bookstores. All I can say is that when I opened up that box, I had a huge smile on my face. I love what I do! 3 in a row 13 in a row 2 I’m not good at taking photos, but they still look good to me. Two novels for teens and 4 children books. Turn the pages and enjoy. These book will look good sitting on a bookshelf. Good for book reports too.  Books for homeschooling, Bedtime stories, weekend reading, I’m bored syndromes, circle time entertainment, those precious moments when you want to read to youngsters…..these titles will do the trick. Great stories behind these great looking covers. Pump it up with these books.


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