Worried for Nothing

mad woman on computer A couple of days ago, I was sitting at my desk working tediously on how to get my books showing on Barnes & Noble. After all, the more outlets you have as an author the better off you are. Well lo and behold, I worked on trying to get files uploaded, not just any files, but PDF files, which meant I had to convert files. It turned out to be a disaster because it was complicated and techie…..for me. By the time I went to bed that night, I had a huge headache and only one NookBook done. But, as it turned out, I was stressing over nothing. When I checked Barnes and Noble website out. I noticed the books that I was trying to  upload, they were already there and I must say…looking quite good too. Talk about a big relief! As it turns out, I don’t have to fret over that anymore because the books once published automatically show up on B&N just like they do on Amazon. My books are on sale at Barnes and Noble. I’m so glad. I still have more that’s coming, as soon as they finish going through the process and as soon as the “exclusive” mark is no longer in affect for Amazon. So I hope you check out my titles at B&N if that’s your favorite store to shop for paperback books and NookBooks.

But in the meantime, check what is on display right now at B&N.  They are coming, slowly but surely.

Frankly Speaking B&N Happy New Home B&NJelly-Beanz B&NRagdoll Talez B&NSpring Where are you B&NWohali B&N


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