Curb Appeal in Print Books 2

Well, what can I say…..More books to reveal. This is the last of them until I finish this new book that I am working on. I tell you…..I LOVE WHAT I DO and I think it shows.

Coming to Amazon and Barnes & Nobles the print versions of these book which also have new amazing covers. I particularly love one of these which my daughter is responsible for the cover art and illustrations. I will let you guess which book it is. So be on the look out for their arrival. You already know I will be blogging when they go live…’s what I do.

Oh the joys of book cover appeal!

More Readz for me print for amazonThe Race is on Print cover for AmazonRagdoll TalezBookCoverImage for print.Talez with Tails print cover for amazon

I can’t wait for these to go live. Same great stories! Same awesome titles, but with a curb appeal look.


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