Oh Happy Ebook Day!

Oh Happy Ebook Day! If you are an avid ebook reader; say hello to these books that just got a snap, crackle and pop cover change. Books for all ages, the young, the old and the in between. Once I got started revamping my first cover and I liked the results, it put me in the mood to do all of them. And guess what, I am glad I did because now they really have curb appeal. Quite savvy I must say. I am so proud of myself. I’m not bragging mind you….I’m just happy. My books are happy. So come along and take a peek and by all means, pick up an Ebook today.  AMAZON and Author Winona Rasheed.

Ebook emblem

Race is on Kindle Amazon   Kumani Kindle Amazon  Happy Home Kindle Amazon

The Race is On!, Kumani, Along Came Jelly-Beanz, My Happy New Home, Spring Where Are You?, When Silence is Not Golden, Broken Voices & Frankly Speaking.

Spring Where Are you Ebook Amazon.  When Silence is not Golden Ebook Amazon  Broken Voices Ebook Amazon.  Frankly Speaking Ebook cover e7180dec-5160-4470-a0c1-1241e7f7e60e   Sugarberry Books in the house!! Featured Image -- 915


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