Ebook Matters

I am sitting here feeling so proud of myself on this wet and dreary Tuesday and the 2nd day of March. I’ve been quite busy for the last few days doing book matter things; that is revamping my books with more eye pleasing covers. Today, I am showcasing the new looks of my babies-E-BOOKS. So if you haven’t picked up these titles as of yet for your children and young adult readers, maybe these new covers will grab your attention. They look fabulous, just Supercalifragilistic!

Spring Where Are you Ebook Amazon.

Spring Where Are You?                                                         

When Silence is not Golden Ebook Amazon

When Silence Is Not Golden

Broken Voices Ebook Amazon.

Broken Voices

Happy Home Kindle Amazon

My Happy New Home

Jelly-Beanz Kindle Amazon.

Along Came Jelly-Beanz

Kumani Kindle Amazon



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