I am happy to announce and share with you today, the new look of a few of my eBooks. Same great stories, because I only changed the outside and not the interior of the book. I think the change is good, it looks good, which means I am very satisfied as the author. I’ve been waiting what seems like weeks for the changes to go live and it just happened today. I woke up….and there it was. Authors really do have to be patience in this publishing process. Sometimes, things don’t happen over night. You surely cannot twitch your nose like Samantha and make things happen as fast as you would like. So you work on something else while you wait.

Bringing spring in with a smile on my face, with these new ebook covers. If you don’t own these books yet, what are you waiting for?  See if these titles look familiar to you. They are familiar to me. Giggle, Giggle, giggle.

Broken Voices Ebook Amazon.   When Silence is not Golden Ebook Amazon

Spring Where Are you Ebook Amazon.    Featured Image -- 915

Sugarberry Books Be Rockin!

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