Recognizing Author Dragica Lord

ADL Award 6I was just sitting here thinking, so I got busy with my morning thoughts and decided to blog about it, because I want to pass the word around. After all, this author is so deserving of recognition. I’m not talking about myself either, because I have been procrastinating in my writing. But the author that I am promoting, recognizing today does not have a procrastinating bone in her body. She goes for it! She stays at it until the book is finished. It is so exciting when her books are released. Whenever she promotes her new items, she always gives inspiring hints of what is forth-coming and then she nails it when she gives a sneak preview of her cover, which are always awesome because she has a fabulous book cover designer for all of her projects. In other words, the author I am talking about knows her stuff. She knows the business of writing, presenting, promoting and grabbing the attention of readers. She is very effective in presenting herself as a professional writer. I am very proud to know her and know her work, for she never delivers anything shabby or worthless. She is inspiring! That’s why today, February 24, 2014, I pay tribute and recognize this hard working author.

Who am I referring to? AUTHOR DRAGICA LORD

Her new book was just released today, “Baa Baa Black Sheep”, an inspiring and heartfelt story that takes you inside the heartache and pain of sibling rivalry, mental abuse, family struggles and the contemplation of  revenge. Do you have the spirit to turn the other cheek? Can you find peace within the struggle? This story is written from a Christian perspective, which means there’s a battle between good and evil taking place within the pages. I personally, highly recommend this book.

Baa Baa Black Sheep ADL With all that being said, it’s time for me to present to Author Dragica Lord, an award that shows her worth as a writer.

ADL award 1 You are fabulous! Keep  excelling and Keep creating and keep doing what you do!  Your work is priceless!


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