Spring, Where are You?

And now we come to the end of February. I’ve personally been looking for the end of it since October began, when cold weather started peeping it’s head out from around the corner. I can’t stand the cold or the winter season. I’m a summer girl, tank tops and flip flops are what I like. So if you are like me, you are probably wondering where spring is. How much longer do we have to wait, especially when you still see snow on the ground, school delays and so on and so on? I personally am so done with the wintertime blahs. I could just scream my head off! But, I will not act a fool….so I wait, just like you.

With this little blog post, there’s another reason for this title. I think it is so appropriate because the title of this post is the title of my children’s book, starring Gracie, who happens to be a looking for spring and can’t seem to find it; even though all the adults in her household keeps saying it’s coming and it’s around the corner. Sometimes as adults, we tend to speak in circles, or over the tops of kid’s heads as we go about using phrases that doesn’t make any since to young inquiring minds,  especially when they take our words literally. We say one thing but mean something totally different. All I can say is…our kids are listening.

Spring where are you   In “Spring Where Are You?” Gracie sets out to find spring in her neighborhood. She has big plans for it, including a surprise party. She even has a few questions to ask it when they do meet up. With her vivid imagination she evens wonders how it will arrive. Will it come in like a lion or a lamb? (something she overheard the adults say) Will spring be a parade coming down her street? Will Gracie learn the truth as she counts down the days to this mystery that she is looking for? Will her surprise party take place?  Read this delightful story and find out. All I can say is………..it’s great to have a vivid imagination. Read this book with your child. You will be glad you did.


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