Promoting My Books

My Facebook cover by Author Rhonda Patton

Hi everybody, just sitting here at my desk and feeling a little book promoting coming on. I am in a better mood today because the sun is shining even though it is still cold. Hey, what do you expect for the month of February, tank tops and flip flops? I think not! But, those days are coming and I can’t wait. But until then…nothing else to do but promote my books. I could be doing other things….But I am not! Promoting is more fun….yeah I said it….it’s fun and I enjoy it because I have some great reading material for all ages. Just getting the word out!

I’ve been doing a lot of promoting for the ebook versions of my books. I even had ebook sales of 99 cents and free in January.  My goodness, the sales sky rocketed and that put a smile on my face because it showed people were buying the books….now, are they reading them, or just holding on to the keepsakes?

Well today, I am promoting the print versions of all my books. With all these electronic reading gadgets available today, it seems that more and more readers are turning to these devices to read their books, or even those using audio. That’s all fine and good. But I as an author, do not want you to forget about print books. They might seem old fashion and out dated in today’s modern society, but really…they are not! I love the feel of pages between my fingers and using an old fashion book marker to save my spot.

Just wondering, when school kids do book reports today, do they read physical books or do most of them turn to their Kindles? How do your readers choose to read? What do they enjoy doing better?

Feel the pages of these books and get them from Amazon.

Frankly speaking print book cover

Frankly Speaking

Kumani on Amazon


When silence is not golden on amazon.

When Silence is Not Golden

Broken Voices on amazon

Broken Voices

My Happy New Home on Amazon

My Happy New Home


Wohali and the Little People

Triple Play short story books

The OMG collection of short stories. Talez with Tails, Ragdoll Talez & More Readz for Me

Just to show a few. 🙂 because I do have more!


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