Cell Phone Panic

cell phone panic OMG! It seems the whole world stops when you can’t find your cell phone. It puts you in a state of panic when the dumb thing goes missing for a day to two. Now mind you, I am  not really a cell phone fanatic. Well, I didn’t think I was until the thing went missing. It was out of sight and so was my mind as I scrambled around here trying to remember where and when I had it last, after all, I am not on the thing everyday…I don’t use it like I use my house phone. However, it does come in handy and it is a necessary hot item to have; even if it is a little rinky-dink, flip top little gadget. I remember my granddaughter told me once, when I let her carry my phone to school with her just in case an emergency comes up since she was a new student in a new school; she said, she would take my phone, but she will not let anyone see her using it. She stuck it in the far corner of her book bag, out of sight of wondering eyes. My little rinky-dink phone was an embarrassment to her. LOL. Hey, but the thing worked. She could call me if she needed me and that’s all that mattered. If an emergency ever came up, the 13 year old probably would have ran out of the school and hid behind a tree, or ran to the nearest girl’s bathroom and locked herself in a stall so nobody could see her using a phone that was not a “smart phone”. Giggle, giggle. Teenagers make me laugh!

Anyway, back to my cell phone panic. Even though I don’t have the latest type of phone, when my little bitty thing came up missing, I was in my panic mode just as if it was one of those complicated- slide the screen “smart phones.” Humm, how many times have I tried to slide the screen on my computer after being on my tablet for awhile? You have to stay focused when you are using electronic gadgets.

My husband and I looked high and low for my phone, room by room. In, under, and over top of things. It was just like the thing got up and walked out of here. This went on for two days. I even tried calling the phone and all it did was ring and then went to voice mail.  In my mind, I was thinking the thing must be dead because I wasn’t sure how many bars it had left before it needed to be charged. That’s why I couldn’t hear it ringing in the house…..it had no juice. To me, it was a hopeless case since we did not find it anywhere on the inside; not even in my purse or coat pockets, or under the pillows of the couch. Next step, call so that I can have my cell phone replaced because it just disappeared. However, something told me to wait until the end of the day to make that call from my house phone. Glad I listened to my woman’s intuitions.

My hubby decides to check in the car. He comes back in a little while later and says, it’s not there. At this point. I am thinking….it really is gone. (mood change takes place) But he says maybe he had the phone in the basement and tells me to call it again when he goes in the basement to hear if it rings……ring, ring, ring…I get so excited when I hear it ringing for the first time after two days. He had it in his pocket. Somehow, I left the thing in the car, or maybe it just fell out of my pocket, who knows?! but I am so glad it’s not lost. I can breathe again…….my phone has been found. Imagine if it would have been dropped and broken…I don’t want to think about it.

cat with cell phone


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