What do you prefer, Paperback books or Ebooks?

Winona Rasheed

Yes, I’m ending the day with paperback books. Don’t ya just love them? It seems I am always talking and promoting the Kindle versions. Mainly because they are cheaper. But, there’s nothing like holding the real thing in your hand, or letting the children turn the pages when you read to them. Paperback books, may seem to be a tad bit old fashion these days, but guess what….they will never go out of style or become passe. Are you a paperback book fan? Are your children reading paperback books?

Don’t forget about these at

My Facebook cover by Author Rhonda Patton Broken Voices, Along Came Jelly-Beanz, Itchy Scratchy Spots, My Happy New Home, When Silence is Not Golden, Spring Where Are You & Kumani.

The OMG! Books collage by pizap small. The OMG! Book Collection includes: Ragdoll Talez, More Readz for Me and Talez with Tails. (OMG, I can’t believe these are paperbacks.)

Book Store More paperback books for the reading shelf include: Wohali and…

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