What’s Up?

I am here because I feel I should be blogging about something, but not sure what. I’ve been promoting books and washing clothes for the last hour or so. What a combination of tasks! I suppose what I should be doing is working on the new book that I’ve started. However, it is sitting idle, waiting in the sidebars…waiting for me to get back to it. I’m thinking the main character is going to starting screaming at me any day now; asking me “what’s up?”.

Hey, now that is a good topic for today….What’s up? I think I will make that my title for this post….so with that, let me ask you…What’s up, bloggers,  readers, writers, publishers and authors? Is your day going just as you have planned?

The things I started off doing today, was not planned. It was like a spur of the moment kind of thing. I just jumped into it without thinking or making a to do list schedule. Now I have sorted clothes all over the bedroom floor, waiting their turn for the washer and dryer. However, my book promoting for today is done, not unless I decide at the last minute to repeat myself. How and where do you promote your books authors? I’ve joined quite a few online groups through Facebook. I just be promoting all over the place, including Twitter and Google+. My Facebook wall runneth over. LOL.

Here’s a question for anyone who would like to answer, for I be promoting here too. I know I have a lot of readers and followers, so let’s make a game of this on this cold, dreary winter’s day. Let’s see how many of you can name my book titles. Do you want to play along?  Can you name them without looking? Let’s see how far you get.

Name My Titles


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