Home Again, Jiggity-Jig-Jig.

Hi there, I am back. Did you miss me? At the spur of the moment, I decided to take a two week vacation. You would think I would have had my little retreat in Sunny Florida, or someplace nice and warm; but instead I went to Ohio where it was freezing cold. But I enjoyed myself, despite the weather and temperatures. It’s always good to go home and chill out. Now I am back and ready to get busy.

The first thing on my agenda is to catch up with my book promoting. One book in particular is “When Silence is Not Golden.” This is the book that follows “Broken Voices,” the Ella Rose Saga books for young adult readers. This is a good book and very well written I must say. A story that deals with the affliction of being hearing impaired. It is also written from the viewpoint of a teenager who suffers with this problem and learns how to deal with it; showing how she faces her problems with will power and a strong mind-despite what she has to encounter. This character is remarkable. She will touch your heart if you read her story.

But here is the thing…I am looking for reviews for this book. So if by chance you have already read the book; please stop by Amazon and leave a little review. Reviews are so important to a writer/author. They are the icing on the cake. However, if by chance the one reading this post is a book reviewer and you think you might be interested in reviewing this novel for young adults. I am prepared to send you the file to review. Just send me a request and I will get the ball rolling. Ella Rose Abbott needs you!

When silence is not golden on amazon.


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