Into The New Year.

Well, here we are getting started into the new year, day #4. I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas and a fabulous New Year celebration. I sure did, even celebrated my 40th wedding anniversary. So as you can see, a lot was going on at the end of December and into the New Year. It is settling down now.

But, even though I was celebrating, I also took time out to work. Authors, we always find something to do because there’s always something needing to be done. In my case, I had to fix some ebook files. Good grief, talk about a mess! I did not realize that my files were so jacked up. It is so much easier creating paperback books then it is creating ebooks. I found that out. I learned that you can’t use the same files that you created a paperback book with and use that same file for uploading to an ebook, all because it is not the same format. Let me tell you, I was about to lose my mind up in here. Thank God for my mentor who happens to be a publisher and a writer herself. She put me on the right track. So, I spent a few days straightening up files and getting them in order. Now I am satisfied. I am a happy camper.

But, I will have to continue this later because guess what……I am getting ready to go on my vacation. Excitement in the air! Travel time! I just had to create a little post before I hit the road….see you when I get back.


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