Mercy Me!

upset smiley Well I did it, I made a big ole flubby-do months ago and just now learned about it.  I tell you, me and these book files. They can drive you batty. Now I don’t know what happened, or how it could have happened because I did review my files when everything was uploaded and ready for my preview. I did not notice anything out of the ordinary. Everything looked like it was in tip top shape. (Yes, I had my glasses on too.) That’s why I went ahead and accepted everything to move forward…and it did~ Bravo, the book in question is published.

However, today I send out a PDF file of this particular book to a reviewer. (I like her). She already gave me an awesome review today of another book that I submitted to her. But lo and behold, I was on Amazon and I looked at this particular cover, then I looked inside…..That’s when I almost had a heart attack….what the crap? I was now in a panic mode. That little peek inside the book was all wrong. The information did not go with the publish book. This book (And I refuse to mention the title at this point) was showing something entirely different, I could have died! But instead, I rushed back over to KDP and straightened it all out in a hurry with the correct file. So it is now in review. I should get it back tomorrow. I will be so glad so that this particular book can be updated with the correct information. The files I had on hand are correct, I just don’t know what happened when it came to seeing a little preview of the book. Dang! I am left scratching my head over this one.

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