A Lesson Learned

lessons-learned 3 Yes, I am aiming for perfection, but before I get there, I have to also acknowledge my mistakes and I did in this world of writing and becoming an author. Saying you have a book published is not enough and you are done with it. When you publish something, you have to make sure it is correct and in tip top shape before it meets the public’s eye.

Files can drive you nuts sometimes, especially when it seems you have hundreds of them to decipher through when you save everything. Oh, but cheer up and be happy that you save everything. I sure am!

I almost had a conniption yesterday when I saw a little preview of one of my books. How could I have made such a big mistake and not see it until now? The lesson learned here is to always look at the “Look inside” of your book. Just because the files look right that you put on KPD, doesn’t mean you are done when they say your book is live in the Kindle store. Something can go wrong! And in my case, it did. I can’t explain. What did I do wrong? Well, when I went to bed last night, I had a huge headache. But, it is all straightened out now!  I feel professional again. Yes, you have to be professional when you create your little gems and follow through with all the steps. Triple check everything when you self publish. I learned that!  After all, I do not want to appear as an amateur on this author path. That’s why I say I am aiming for perfection. So today, to be on the safe side, I went to Amazon and checked on all my gems and their “Look inside”, me displays. I found that a few more of my books on Kindle, had formatting issues when showing such things as the table of content. The first 2 pages were not looking as they should have. However, I immediately went back and changed that mistake, even though I had to take the books back through the review process. The corrections or updates will be live again tomorrow. Yes, I feel like an idiot, but….it’s not the end of the world. Thank goodness you can go back and fix flub-by-dos.  I will carry on and move forward! This little mishap did not put a damper on me being me and me doing me….All because I love what I do. This just goes to show that when you are an entrepreneur, you have to take extra strides sometimes. But it is worth it!


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