Merry Christmas To All

merry-christmas for blog

From my house to yours, I am wishing you all a very merry Christmas for 2014.

If there are any last minute shoppers out there and you are by now scratching your head wondering what to do for last minute gifts…you can always turn to books. I highly recommend books, especially for the kids. Even though It may be a tad bit late to order print titles and have them delivered by tomorrow, you have other options. After all, Santa has already left for his travels. But never fear because Ebooks are here. Just click and the book is uploaded to the electronic device that you have once you order it from places like Santa isn’t even that quick! Looking for something for the kids in your family? Want something for that special teenager? Check out the books that I have on Amazon, which happens to be my favorite online store. Browse around and see what kind of titles Author Winona Rasheed has. Just click on the link.


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