tumblr_m169bkyKvZ1r8cxll First of all, taking a manuscript through all that writing and publishing process and then turning it into a book that went live on Amazon, Barnes &Nobles and so on and so on; congratulations are well due to the inspiring writer who made it happen. You can now sit back, relax and enjoy the benefits of your hard work……WRONG!!!!! WRONG!!!!! WRONG!!!!! You will not be enjoying anything if you do not finish the process, that of marketing your little gem.

Marketing plays a huge part in the role of a published author, it’s a valuable and a necessary tool that every writer needs, regardless if you have one book or 20 books. You can never skip over this part of the “I’ve Been Published” package. If you do…..you will be sorry. How do you expect to reach your readers if you don’t put yourself and your little gem out there to get noticed? Just because you see your cover and title on some major online bookstores, that’s not the end of the road for you as the author of the book that you just created. In other words, to answer the question of “Okay, Now What?,” this is when you really get busy, even if it took you 12 months to create your book. You still have work to do, because after all, regardless of how good your cover looks or how intriguing your title is…..the book is not going to jump off shelves and sell itself, even though it may be screaming “Look AT ME!” in your eyesight. You have to get potential readers to notice the book first and that will not happen just because the book is on Amazon. You have to reach your targeted reading audience and show them what you have. You have to let potential buyers know that you have a book out there that is worthwhile. So, how do you do that? Let me show you. (I hope this blog does not turn into a book)

Recently, I had a book published.Frankly speaking on Amazon Once it got to Amazon, my next step was to let the people know. I did that by using Facebook, Twitter, Google +, my website, and my blog. I talked about it, showed it off on a daily basis, connecting my book with the world as well as with family and friends.  That was just one move, but hitting several places. In my next step, I went about joining online groups that deal with writers and publishing. I became acquainted with new people who do what I do. I even joined free marketing groups, groups that give reviews of your book at no charge, in exchange for reviewing other people’s works. Right now, I have a volunteer who is going to review my book, “Broken Voices.” That review will be added to the book on Amazon. In order for your book to do well, it  must receive reviews. Reviews are beneficial because potential readers like to see what other people think of the book before they purchase. I was so amazed and yes, overwhelmed even, when I started getting so many “Likes” for my Facebook Author page, all because of the online groups that I joined. When these people looked at my page, they saw me and my books…all of them….these are potential buyers. The same thing goes for Twitter and Goggle+, having an account with them, brings you close to the people who follow you. Always have your postings set for public access, so that anybody can see you promoting your gems/ your books that is. If you want to reach masses of people, you will need social media sites to accomplish this.  When it comes to promoting your book, it’s not a one day thing. And just because you are concentrating on promoting your new book; if by chance you have others, do not forget about your oldies but goodies because you have to keep them in the limelight as well. Being an author who is passionate about what you are doing means you will be busy….very busy. If you are not busy with it, then you are doing something wrong.

I also find Blogging very useful and beneficial as a writer/author. I use this platform to reach my followers as I promote my books, the new ones and the oldies but goodies. These platforms are excellent in getting new followers too. As I say, “the more the merrier,” because authors benefit from having followers and subscribers. Today, I have more followers and subscribers than I ever knew was possible, because after all…..I’m just an ordinary person. However, when you Google my name, I pop up all over the place, which I think is impressive. You can see all of my cyberspace connections over the years. It’s all good because all of my connections pertain to writing, editing and publishing in some way or another. After all, this is my thing.

Since it is not my intentions to write a book here, I guess I better close. But before I do let me say this, start working on your website, your media site connections, your blogging and getting hooked into groups; Find ways to get people to review your book. Hold on to your PDF files too, because reviewers might want to see this. Be prepared to write a blurb for potential reviewers, it’s the only way you will know if they are interested in reading your little gem. Another thing, are you hooked up with Author Central?  If not, you need to check it out.  Have fun being an author…now get busy!



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