Book Pleasures of Sugarberry Press

Book Pleasures 1I am so happy that my new book is taking off on the good foot. It’s a little read, but it seems that it is doing big things, considering it went live 48 hours ago. I am ecstatic. When it comes to self-publishing, it is important to have content that people want to read; however, it is also important to have a book cover and title that pops out at you and grabs the attention of potential readers. It is also important that when you are setting your book up to sale on Amazon in particular, that you have the right category listing that your book fits in. And never stop promoting! (I just thought I’d throw in this little bit of “how-to” in this post, for those who are interested.) I never stop inspiring. Reach for the stars writers!

Here is a list of Sugarberry Press Book Pleasures that you can sink your teeth in. Some are little reads, two are novels for young adults, we have picture books for young readers and more. I, author Winona Rasheed has taken pleasure in creating all of them.

Frankly speaking on AmazonWhen silence is not golden on amazon.

Broken Voices on amazonMy Happy New Home on Amazon

Kumani on Amazon I’m listing just a few of the books, great reads for the young and the old.  Wrap them up for gifts! Book Pleasures by Winona Rasheed……yeah, I’m promoting!


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