Work in Progress

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Good morning folks, doing it up with this new writing project; got my coffee and began working on this bad boy again. Creating the handwritten draft. Yeah I know…why hand write? That’s just how I do! I always type when I begin work on the 2nd draft. I got this! My first nonfiction piece is underway.

I can’t believe I am writing something that does not include characters, plot and dialogue. It’s like a long story blog. My thoughts are on fire! You might be asking yourself, who is this being written for? Well let me tell you, I was inspired to write something that will encourage, motivate and influence those in the age bracket of teens to adults. I will tell you  more when I am close to the finish line. Hopefully, this “Pass It On” book will stimulate someone. Trust me, a lot of work is going into it and it is being written from the heart, soul and spirit of little ole me, because I am a woman of inspiration.

Woman-of-Inspiration-Emily-Dickinson1-400x300Me Feb 5th 2014


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