The Countdown Is ON!

countdown2It’s that time of year again, well actually, it started on Thanksgiving day; you know when folks scramble to the stores to pick up deals for their Christmas list shopping. All I can say is that I hate crowds, so I do my best to avoid it when I can. After all, who likes standing out side in the cold and in a long line that wraps around the perimeter of a particular store? And then once you make it inside….it becomes a mad house with anxious shoppers. But anyway, that’s why I like to shop online. It’s easy and so very convenient and you avoid the madness at this time of year. Just click, click, click and you are all done, well maybe all done.

You know what? You can beat the crowded stores if you have books on your list. Yep, this little Santa Helper is promoting books with this blog. Wrap them or make them stocking-stuffers. Hide little packages of books all around the house and let your young readers find them; a book treasure hunt. A  delightful surprise in every find.

If you are a grandparent like me, I know you probably love sitting by the fire in a rocking chair with a grandchild on your knee while reading a short story to them. Kids love short stories and guess what, I love creating them too. I have three books that you can pick up right on line @ Amazon which are full of short stories; stories for girls, animal stories and preteen titles are what you get in this book collection of OMG! Books, published by Sugarberry Books. There’s never a dull moment when you begin to turn the pages of these books. They will spark the imagination and they do make reading fun and enjoyable. See for yourself….get in the spirit with some good reading. “Little books but with big surprises.”  Only at Amazon! I just love this online store…….why?……because all of my books are there and because it’s a fast and convenient way to shop.

OMG Talez with Tails book cover 2OMG! Ragdoll Talez cover image thumbnailOMG!_More_Readz_for__Cover_for_Kindle thumbnail


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