The Verdict

upset smiley Here I am catching up with my blogging and today’s topic is not even about writing or my books. My mind has taken a detour and my thoughts are on something else that bothers me as well as affects me. My mind is on yesterday.

As I sit here on this Tuesday morning; I agree, it is a brand new day, but is it inspiring? Does it bring hope and change? I think not.

I am deeply saddened and sickened because of yesterday. Yesterday’s Verdict as the result of yet another black male youth shot down and sent to his grave. I know everyone’s eyes were glued to the TV reports and waiting in anguish, even though deep within we already knew what the verdict would be. After all, the results or the end is always like this… justice.

We are living in a two-sided world that is topsey turvey, black and white. As I was strolling down the Facebook wall this morning and looking at all the different comments coming in after the verdict, you could see the line that separates the blacks from the whites. At least that’s what I saw in my mind. It seemed that all the whites (some even my friends) saw a different pictures and in their mindsets, the black people were wrong for displaying their disgust over the situation. I mean people were referring to the demonstrators as “animals.” Say what?  You are an “animal” when things get so bent out of shape and out of control when young black lives are being threatened. Do you fear for your own young sons and daughters? Have you ever? Perhaps the demonstrators went about it the wrong way, when the verdict came in’ but when you have lived with injustice for so long, how do you make it stop…..enough is enough. How do you survive and cope in a world or a society that is unfair? Do we just pretend that this does not exist? Not all black people are thugs and no good counts. We are all not armed and ready for mischief. We don’t go around looking for trouble or causing it? Sometimes, trouble just seems to find us and then society puts mockery upon us. Black people who show their emotions and frustrations are not animals……we are just frustrated human beings fighting back. How do you propose to make a difference in a world that is racially divided? How do you propose that we stand up for justice?

This morning, I saw the video of the mother, I saw and felt her tears when she said “You know this isn’t right?” Her emotions were real, her concerns were all real. Her son is dead, buried and the person who murdered him is like always…..Scott free to continue living his life to the fullest.

I wonder, If the shoe was on the other foot, could you walk in the shoes of a black man for 48 hours? Could and would you feel the pain and anguish of what it is like to have dark skin? Would you feel differently towards the verdict?   Just a little something to think about.

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2 thoughts on “The Verdict

  1. I hear your thoughts and understand that to be treated less than another is awful. But…I hate that that anguish for some has been taken out on their neighbors. ..destroying businesses and threatening more lives. There has to be a peaceful way to finally get rid of any racism that still exists in this country. I don’t understand it (racism) so probably cannot suggest any solutions. To me we are all children of a loving God…”red and yellow, black and white we are precious in his sight”..


    • Thanks Bobbi for reading. This in deed is a touchy subject. I wish I knew what kind of peaceful reaction would work in situations like this because this kind of stuff keeps happening over and over. If the Verdict was handled with more compassion, I believe the outcome would have been different because it would have shown justice. We’ve been wanting justice for a long time in these kinds of situations. Retaliation seems to be the only outlet for injustice, especially when hands are tied. It’s like black people are not worthy of justice, like we are less human than the next person who feels pain and hurt. When I watched that boys mother cry from emotions, I felt her pain because tears were filling in my eyes too. That could have been my son, my grandsons, nephews. Perhaps destroying the community is not the way to go, but what is? What will bring about change when those in authority only look at you as worthless and half a human being. There is so much stuff showing up that is demeaning. All these stories that the media is capturing. It is heart breaking and to be honest with you, there seems to be a black side and a white side to everything even though we all are children of a loving God. As Bob Marley would say….One love, No Woman No cry.


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