A Great Review of “Broken Voices”

Another Sugarberry Book I just wanted to share with you a review that was given in regards to this book. I love it when people purchase a copy of one of my books and then talks about it. It is so encouraging. I’m happy that people are buying and reading the stories that I have written. All I can say is….Bless your hearts and thank you very much. Keep on reading and reviewing them. I appreciate it because reviews are beneficial in the sell of books.

If you have read Broken Voices, I hope you read the sister book too. Ella Rose continues in book # 2….When Silence Is Not Golden. Don’t forget to leave an Amazon review.

When Silence is Not Golden....New One use

I love it when customers leave a review!

“Broken Voices follows Ella, a young deaf girl, on her first day at a new high-school. Surrounded by unfamiliar faces, Ella will face her fears of what people will think of her and how she will be treated by her piers. She decides she must attempt to keep her impaired hearing a secret so she can make it through her first day.

This book is compelling and thought-provoking. The story accurately and realistically describes many situations that might confront a deaf person. One of the main points of this book is that we should be ourselves, even if it is sometimes difficult.

This book is well written and the author handles the different methods of communication gracefully and convincingly. I would recommend this book to those with disabilities and anybody who has compassion for those who have different challenges.”


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