Back in the Swing of Things

computer-  bear lady Needless to say, I am smiling from ear to ear on this Sunday morning, all because I am back in business once again. Wanna know why? Guess I will tell you anyway. Yesterday, I went out and got a new desktop computer to work on since my old one went stir crazy. And the best part of it all…I got my files back that I thought I lost forever…whew! Now that was scary. Needless to say, I will not be making that mistake ever again…save, save, save I tell you. Now all of my files are tucked away on my handy thumb drive that my son gave me. I even emailed files to myself for extra backup. So right now, I am sitting here cool as a cucumber and feeling good once again. I can get creative again!

The last few days I was in a panic and lost not having my own computer to work on. I was on my son’s laptop just to keep up with emails, Facebook and Twitter and trying to blog using my tablet.  My son really came to my rescue because he hooked me up with what I needed to get. I now have more memory and space than I’ve ever had. This Dell computer is fast too. When I walked into that computer store, “Retro PC,” I was like a kid in a candy store. I wanted everything! LOL. But I had to be realistic. Where would I put 100 or more computers on my desk? I wouldn’t have room for my cup of coffee.

So today, I will continue dabbing into my creativity with the new children books that I am working on. I will be transferring handwritten content into Microsoft word, (I did find a way to write). Actually, when my old computer went stir crazy, I began working on two stories to fill in the gap of not typing, one for young readers and the other for preteens. Both in draft form. I told someone once that I could only work on one story at a time….I was so wrong. Never say never. I learned that about myself through all this  computer conniption.

Needless to say, I am one happy writer on this fine breezy Sunday morning. It’s cold outside too, glad I am inside where it is nice and warm and I am on a computer that works.

lady on computer 1


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