Doing My Thing Still

Me writing

Well, as you can still see, I am still finding a way to write a little bit even though my computer is gone. Thank goodness I am not trying to one finger type on my tablet like I did yesterday when I wanted to write. No today, I just went ahead and put WordPress on my son’s laptop….he won’t mind because I have the greatest son in this whole wide world. He knows what I do. To tell you the truth, I just go out of my mind when I can’t write and post.

This morning I got up with thoughts stirring all around in my head about the book I am working on, which is still sitting on the old hard drive collecting dust on my broke down computer. (The thing refuses to come on) Anyway, the writing bug struck me over my morning coffee, so what do I do, pull out my favorite yellow writing tablet and then I got busy….handwriting instead of typing. Well, (sounding like Samantha on Bewitched) I gotta do what I gotta do, even though I plan to get a new computer this weekend. Considering that I didn’t want to wait any longer to write something, I decided to just go ahead and hand write it out. I have a continuing draft to deal with when I get  another computer up and running. I am prepared for the transfer of files so I will be moving right along, without missing a beat or a step. With this draft, I made it to chapter 2, so I am feeling accomplished on this Halloween day with no files and no computer. Perhaps I need a backup typewriter for days like this….it’s just a thought.

But guess what, while looking through my yellow writing tablet of drafts, notes and what-nots, I found another story just sitting there waiting for me to come back to it….so I gave it a little attention too. I added more content to that storyline as well, bringing it to a chapter 2. I never thought I would ever work on two stories at one time….but I did. So I say….NEVER SAY NEVER!!!! You are bound to prove yourself wrong….I just did.

The two stories that I am working on are for teens and preteens. That’s all I am going to say about them….I’m going to make you sweat and wonder what kind of story lines are inside the pages of the books. I will say this…..the reader will keep turning the pages.

Now I can relax and stop worrying so much, even if it is just for a day or two. I can concentrate on other things, like dishes in my sink. Now doesn’t that sound entertaining?

I love writing and creating books for children, preteens and teens. That’s what I am all about. Even if and when I have to go clear around the block to get to where I am going with it. Loving what you do lets you climb mountains and over hurdles.

I love writing 1Author Winona Rasheed in the house!



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