When Something Goes Wrong

What can i say, crap does happen and you just have to deal with, take the bitter with the sweet. Crap happened to me yesterday and I am about to tell you about it. So have a drink and take a seat, because this might take  awhile.
My computer conked out  on me. Gone are my files and every important piece of work that I own; including the new book that I was working on….I had written 17 pages. Although everything was saved to my harddrive, I should have saved it  elsewhere too for backup. I had intended to do that, but did’t. Shame on me!  Now I need a new computer  and I need to take the harddrive somewhere to have my files extracted. I hope it can be done. I learned my lesson with this….always back up your stuff.
Now I am on my son’s laptop. Not the same as having my own, though i am happy that I have access to the internet, but I can’t work. A writer needs to work on a computer.  My lifeline is gone.
Right now I am using WP on my 7 inch tablet, typing with one finger, so excuse the mistakes. But i just had to find away to blog…..this writer/author is miserable.
Yes crap happens and i do not like it when it messes with my writing spirit. Hopefully, this will be fixed soon, i don’t want to go crazy up in here. Guess you can say that I am addicted  to the desktop computer. I really am.  Can’t write a book on the tablet with one finger. It is hard enough to blog with one finger. How in the world do people text and drive in something smaller than a tablet? That would drive me nuts.
Okay, i am done venting. Be back when i have a new computer. Let’s
See how long this will take.




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