The Products of a Little Imagination

See what can happen when you put your imagination to work? Your creativity takes wings and begin to fly, manifesting itself. In my case as a writer/author of books for children and teens, my imagination is always in work mode, playing around with different characters, ideas and situations. I envision it and then I sit down and write it; with everything beginning from scratch. Creating a beginning, middle and an end; steps taking me through draft after draft as my imagination comes to life in the form of written paragraphs, scenes, dialogue and letting my characters show themselves.
Drafts and edits are the name of the game, you have to make it perfect and concise because you representing the literary world while your book represents you…the author. So I say, when writing…Give it your all! Don’t skip a beat!
For me, this is what it all about. I love it! I love writing! I love being creative! But most of all, I love sprinkling bits and pieces of me all around in the form of books that entertain, inspire and amuse. This will be my legend because it has always been my dream.
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Kicking off the imagination for 7-10 year olds: Wohali and the little People, Itching Scratching Spots and Kumani: A New Home for Her Cubs
Itchy Scratchy Spots 2

Books that inspire teens and young adults readers: Broken Voices & When Silence is Not Golden

Another Sugarberry Book

Another Sugarberry Book

When Silence is Not Golden....New One use

Books sold at
Keep Turning the Pages Book Lovers!


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