Wanted: Book Reviews

So you think you are done now that your book is published on Amazon and other such places. Well, if you are thinking this as a published author, you are so wrong. You are just in the middle of the race. There’s still work to do, things like promoting and getting book reviews.
I am at that stage now and been there for awhile. I’m always promoting. And right now, I am in search of book reviews. Someone willing to read children books and post their information on Amazon under the titles. This help potential buyers decide if they want the book or not. I hope my covers will entice someone to read and then write…for the sake of young readers, children, teens and tweens.

Select a title today to read and review. All Books are @Amazon.com.

When Silence is Not Golden....New One use

Kumani print BookCoverImage

Another Sugarberry Book

Another Sugarberry Book

Another Sugarberry

Another Sugarberry

Itchy Scratchy Spots 2



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